Motocaddy Repair Services

If you would like to discuss a problem with your trolley, or to learn more about our service, please call 01403 271525.

We Fix Common Problems and More

In our workshop we see a range of common issues that are all easily fixed. Does your Motocaddy trolley suffer with any of these problems?

  • Is the delivery of power intermittent to your trolley?
  • Has your front wheel become loose?
  • Does your Motocaddy trolley have a mind of its own with its speed changing for no reason? Or it is simply unresponsive when you do attempt to change the speed?
  • Or perhaps you simply need to replace worn or broken fixings such as the elastic bag support cables or handle grips.

The great news is that all of these issues and more can be fixed by our team.

Golf Shop

Offering one-stop shopping for all your golfing needs; from top clubs and equipment, to clothing and shoes, balls and accessories, all at highly-competitive prices.

Custom Fit Service

Don't settle for standard when it comes to your golf clubs. Our Custom Fit team is on hand to help you get the most out of your equipment and your game.

Club Repairs & Regrips

Our onsite club repair and regripping service is available daily and means we can offer this professional, specialised service to members and visitors alike.