Top Tips For Your Shot Routine


  • What are the conditions telling me?
    • Wet?
    • Dry?
    • Wind into/across/down?
    • Hot/Cold
  • What would a good shot look like here to me?
    • Low/high
    • Lots of roll or all carry?
    • Aggressive or conservative?
  • Clubs selection
    • After deciding the above, what club does that option leave me with?
    • If you’re in between shots, ask yourself – if I had 10 shots from this spot, what option would give me the most consistent result?


  • Be in the now, the planning is already done. Now it’s time to execute.
  • Focus on breathing


  • Good shot? Remember it! For example, Tiger gave himself a physical trigger by twirling the club when he hits a good shot. Savouring the good shots in your mind can boost confidence.
  • Bad shot? Put it behind you, maybe hum your favourite song when you’re walking to your next shot. Or when you’re putting your club back in your bag, verbally say the word ‘finished’ and as you let go of the golf club, you let go of the shot.
Thokozane Nhlangulela