Why Custom Fit Is A Must For All Golfers


No two golfers are the same in either their physical stature or golf swing, so the thought that a ‘standard’ or ‘off the shelf’ set of golf clubs will suit everyone is wildly inaccurate.

The custom fit process is about blending your physical assets with the dynamic motion of your golf swing. In the same way that you don’t walk up to the tee in shoes three sizes too small, your clubs should fit your height, strength, technique, hand size and much, much more.

Long gone are the days that custom fit clubs are reserved for the elite golfers of this world and in the vast majority of cases there is no extra cost for fitted clubs.


Custom fit clubs allow you to get the most out of your swing, your equipment and will take strokes off of your score. Why would you want to limit your performance and adapt your swing to poorly suited equipment?

#1 – Golf Clubs Fit To ‘Your Swing’

#2 – Benefit From The Latest Golf Club Technology

#3 – Understand Your Game In More Detail

#4 – Boost Your Confidence

#5 – Maximise Your Potential

#6 – Get The Best Return On Your Investment!

While its common knowledge that the professionals who appear on our television screens use clubs that have, in some cases, undergone a dramatic transformation from their off-the-shelf counterparts, there is a misconception that this service is not widely available to the greater public.

Not only will customising the fit of your clubs help you dial out the inconsistencies in your game thus leading to a more enjoyable golfing experience. No longer do you have to rely on gut feel alone to work out whether a set of clubs will work for you or not.

With technology radically changing the way we approach custom fitting, golfers of every level can improve their game. Nowadays, custom fitting is accessible to all and you can use either an existing or a new set of clubs as the starting point to your perfect swing.

Tools such as FlightScope technology provide instant feedback on club and ball and provide you with data so that you can make informed fitment choices.

Here at Horsham Golf, we have an in-house team of experts who specialise in club fitting, club alterations and repairs. Having helped refine the equipment needs of a wide range of golfers, the value of their input and the results of their service cannot be overstated.

Our Golf Shop has everything you could need on the course under one roof, stocking leading brands including Callaway, Ping, Cobra, Yonex, Cleveland and Srixon. Our knowledgeable PGA Professionals provide expert advice, and excellent service to complement a price match guarantee.

If you’re interested in finding out more about our Custom Fit service, email us at info@horshamgolf.co.uk to add yards to your game, with increased accuracy to match.

Thokozane Nhlangulela